The Palm Beach Post: MultiBall ‘exergames’ provide fun and fitness to senior community

Estelle Futterman has spent her entire life being active and athletic. Golf. Tennis. Basketball and handball. You name the sport, she’s tried it – and likely excelled at it. But this lifelong exercise enthusiast admits that, in the last few years, she’s been forced to learn to live with some athletic limitations.

“I used to be able to play 18 holes of golf –  but now I’ll play 9,”  says the 86 year-old Futterman. “Maintaining my cardio fitness has become harder as I age.” Fortunately for Futterman –  and the rest of her fellow residents at Sinai residence in Boca Raton –  c community recently installed are unique, high-tech, digital “exergaming”  and fitness platform called multiball – or, as  residents have taken to calling it, “wall ball.”

Multiball describes itself as “a mixed reality Sports and gaming platform built for the interaction between physical activity and digital games.” All Futterman knows is that the games are fun, accessible and a great workout.

Read more about the multiball “exergames” here.